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Why Smart Girls With Autism Need Extra Attention

Why Smart Girls With Autism Need Extra Attention

Takeaway: Smart and gifted girls with autism are often skilled at hiding their differences. And this makes it much harder to notice that they need help. But if we diagnose them early, we can strategically nurture their strengths, support their weaknesses, and free them from having to struggle alone.  Read More

Puberty is so much Harder for Children with Autism

Puberty is so much harder for children with autism

Takeaway: Children with autism WILL find puberty so much harder because they struggle to make sense of what’s happening to them. Their brains are wired differently from birth, and the wiring changes even more during puberty. But as a parent, you can help by preparing them for these changes ahead of time. And where necessary, you can consult a specialist for extra help. Read More