The Ed Psych Practice
An Independent Practice in Central London


Educational Psychology

  1. Consultation, advice, and problem solving for children and young people with a range of developmental issues
  2. In-depth psychological assessment of learning needs
  3. Dyslexia Assessments
  4. Specific Learning Difficulty Assessment
  5. Disability Student Allowance (DSA) Assessments and Reports
  6. Exam access arrangement assessments
  7. Gifted and Talented, MENSA testing
  8. Managing children/young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, and Learning Difficulties.
  9. Behaviour management at home and school.
  10. Supporting and understanding emotional issues in children and young people.
  11. Parenting Education
  12. Assessments for emotional difficulties
  13. Counselling and Therapeutic support for children, young people, adults, and families.
  14. Social Skills Training for children and young people
  15. Managing anxiety in children and young people
  16. Setting up learning support systems in nurseries, schools, and colleges for students with special educational and additional needs.
  17. Bespoke training to school staff on topics such as autism, developing meta-cognitive skills and reading comprehension, developing language skills, working with children where English is a second language, supporting working memory.
  18. Supporting English and Additional Language (EAL) Learners
  19. Intelligence / Cognitive Assessments

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