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Educational Psychology
  1. Consultation, advice, and problem solving for children and young people with a range of developmental issues
  2. In-depth psychological assessment of learning needs
  3. Dyslexia Assessments
  4. Specific Learning Difficulty Assessment
  5. Disability Student Allowance (DSA) Assessments and Reports
  6. Exam access arrangement assessments
  7. Gifted and Talented, MENSA testing
  8. Managing children/young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, and Learning Difficulties.
  9. Behaviour management at home and school.
  10. Supporting and understanding emotional issues in children and young people.
  11. Parenting Education
  12. Assessments for emotional difficulties
  13. Counselling and Therapeutic support for children, young people, adults, and families.
  14. Social Skills Training for children and young people
  15. Managing anxiety in children and young people
  16. Setting up learning support systems in nurseries, schools, and colleges for students with special educational and additional needs.
  17. Bespoke training to school staff on topics such as autism, developing meta-cognitive skills and reading comprehension, developing language skills, working with children where English is a second language, supporting working memory.
  18. Supporting English and Additional Language (EAL) Learners
  19. Intelligence / Cognitive Assessments
Occupational Therapy
  1. Consultation, advice and support for children with motor and sensory processing difficulties.
  2. Handwriting Assessment
  3. Sensory Processing Assessment
  4. Gross and Fine Motor Skills Assessment
  5. Assessment and management of Dyspraxia
  6. Support and management of Hypermobility
  7. Individualised occupational therapy programmes for home and school
  8. Handwriting support at school and home
  9. Bespoke training to nurseries and schools on dyspraxia, handwriting development, and developing fine and gross motor skills.
Speech & Language Therapy
  1. Consultation, advice, and problem solving for parents, nurseries, schools, and colleges to enhance speech and language, and communication skills in children and young people.
  2. Individual Speech and Language assessments and therapy support at home and in educational settings.
  3. Speech and Language Therapy support for children and young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, voice problems, receptive language difficulties, expressive language difficulties, dyslexia, dyspraxia, auditory processing difficulties, attention difficulties, moderate learning difficulties, speech sounds and phonology.
  4. Advice and consultation for educational staff and families to enhance learning in children and young people who have speech and communication disorders through curriculum and instructional support.
  5. Bespoke training programmes for education staff around speech and language topics.
Counselling & Therapy

Emotional well being and emotional literacy impact significantly on a student’s academic achievement and developmental progress. These are important factors that affect our ability to reach our maximum potential. Life events such as bereavement, serious illness or parental separation can affect one’s emotional well being resulting in difficulties such as: sleep disturbances, anxiety, eating disorders, anger issues, and low self esteem.

The Ed Psych Practice offers therapeutic and counselling services to help identify and address emotional difficulties. We offer a confidential place to talk about things that might be concerning the child, young person or family with an aim to move things forward. The therapists offer a range of approaches that include:

  • Short Term Solution Focused Therapy
  • Long Term Psychotherapeutic Intervention
  • Parental Support
  • Art Therapy
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Psycho Education