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Current Workshops Running at The Ed Psych Practice:

Secondary School Transition - 28th May - 31st May - 10:00am to 3:00pm

Transition can be a challenging time for pupils, with a new environment, people, rules and work demands. Our transition groups teach pupils techniques to manage the social emotional and academic aspects of secondary school.

11+ Support

These 11+ groups help pupils to develop strategies and confidence to help them to manage exam stress, develop their time management skills and build core literacy and maths skills. Come and join our fun and interactive class, to help you child reach their full potential.

Specialist teaching

Our specialist teaching session can support pupils though targeted intervention, raise a pupil's self- esteem and support them to become a more independent learner. Pupils will learn strategies they can use both in the session and in school to be able to reach their full poetical.

Touch Typing

Touch typing session are a fun and interactive way to help pupils build their typing skills. Typing skills can help pupils to successfully work faster and more accurately.

Social skills

Social skills are important for successful friendships as well as in school and workplace life. Our social skills group are a great way for pupils to build their social skills in a safe fun and engaging environment.

Reading and reading comprehension

Reading is a skill that we all use every day in all different types of situations. Come and join are reading sessions to build important reading skills, with everything from early read skills to improved reading comprehension skills.

Magic Maths

Our fun and interactive magic maths session are a great way to build maths skills and provide pupils with strategies and confidence to practice and use their new found skills.

Language, Play and communication skills in toddlers

Play is one of the most important ways children learn about the world around them. Playing with other children and adults will support in the development of language skills, effective communication skills, help children to get along with each other and build problem solving skills.

Parent support group

Join our parent support group, to be able to discuss way to manage your anxieties and support you children with the anxieties, the group is supported by experience psychotherapist Mira Schauble.

Please call us on 07833447356 or email us for information on any of the groups including availability, dates, cost and bookings.