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Why Auditory Delays Are So Easy to Miss

Why Auditory Delays Are So Easy to Miss

Takeaway: Auditory delays (i.e., hearing problems) are tough to spot because their symptoms are often quite subtle. And they can be confused with other developmental differences like dyslexia, ADHD, developmental language disorder, etc. But with the right kind of specialist, your child can learn to reverse and/or adapt to these hearing challenges. Read More

How Speech Therapy Can Solve ‘Swallowing’ Issues (Dysphagia)

How Speech Therapy Can Solve Swallowing Issues Dysphagia

Children who struggle to swallow begin to dislike food and feeding, which means they don’t get the nutrients and water they need. A speech therapist can help address these swallowing difficulties (dysphagia) and transform your child’s relationship with food. Read More

Can Speech and Language Therapy Help Your Child Live a Fuller Life?

speech language therapy help your child

Takeaway: Children make friends and engage with the world by speaking. So, it’s worrying when they struggle to say words (i.e. have speech issues) or struggle to put words together to communicate (i.e. have language issues). Luckily, with the right team and the right therapy, your child can live a fuller, happier life. Read More