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Welcome to our blog!

And thank you for reading! Our goal with this blog is to share valuable information with you, update you on any Ed Psych Practice news, and explore the different ways we can help to support your child. 

Who are we?

We are a private practice based in Central London. Offering a range of therapeutic services for children, young people and schools. The Ed Psych Practice, although initially only focused on Educational Psychology, has over time evolved into a multidisciplinary practice. We feel that this allows us to look at every child, family, client, and school we work with from a much more holistic angle. Working as a team to look at the whole picture as opposed to only tackling things from a single point of view. 

What does that mean for you?

It means that when you contact us with an enquiry we do our best to signpost you on which service or assessment to start with, ensuring we match you with the right consultant based on the presenting concerns of the child/young person or adult in question. On occasion this may mean that we redirect you to a service which was perhaps not on your radar when you first got in touch. For example, you may have called to enquire about an Educational Psychology assessment, but, we recommend that you book an Occupational Therapy assessment instead. We do this as we understand that although you are aware of your child’s difficulties, you might not know which professional to see in order to address it.

What different services do we offer?


Educational Psychology

This is usually the first port of call if your child is having academic difficulties. However, a learning assessment is not just for those who are struggling or falling behind. You might simply feel that they aren’t reaching their full potential, or maybe you want to better understand their academic performance.

Educational Psychologists are there to help your child reach their full potential and improve their experience of  learning. First they will assess and/or observe your child, gather background information. The EP will then use this to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your child, and also to support a potential diagnosis of learning difficulties. They will then follow up with recommendations and strategies, to be used at school and at home. 


Speech and Language Therapy

It’s not just speech sounds or delays, that they deal with. Perhaps your child struggles to create new or lasting friendships. They may often times be fine in conversation but seem to be less fluent when it comes to academics. Or maybe you find yourself constantly repeating instructions, before they are finally acted upon.

If this is the case, booking your child to see a speech and language therapist is a good place to start. Speech and language therapists can assess and support children and young people with speech language and communication difficulties, which can manifest in a variety of ways.



Children and young people can suffer from difficulties such as depression, anxiety disorders, behavior problems, school related issues, grief and many more. They may not be able to put their struggle into words, but you might have noticed an unexpected change in their behaviour or low mood. If that is the case it is worth considering therapy. The Ed Psych Practice can offer a range of therapies to help children explore and develop their emotions. 


Occupational Therapy

Struggles to sit still, issues with attention, sensory sensitivities, and coordination difficulties. These are all areas Occupational therapists can help with. OT intervention is designed to help children and young people with daily life activities and fine motor tasks, such as writing. However, it does also go much deeper, evolving a child’s ability to regulate their behaviour and attention. Leading to better focus in the classroom and behaviour as a whole.


Specialist Teaching

Specialist Teachers create a tailored program of support for children. They do this by targeting their individual difficulties, to help further develop their learning skills. Specialist teaching focusing on building the foundation skills of learning to support children and young people to excel academically.


Autism Diagnostic Clinic & Support

At the ed psych practice we are able to offer a unique Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnostic clinic. We provide a diagnostic assessment with one of our Paediatricians and Specialist Speech and Language Therapists; as well as offering support care plans for after the assessment has taken place.


Does my child need any of the above support?

The only answer to this is, we won’t know until you contact us. So, no matter how small your concern, get in touch!


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