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Dr Anna-Maria McGee [Educational Psychologist]

Anna-Maria is a Chartered Educational Psychologist and registered Psychologist with the Health and Care Professions Council with many years of experience of conducting assessments of dyslexia for children, young people and adults. She worked as a Consultant for Dyslexia Action in both Scotland and London and ran her own Adult Assessment Service when she lived in Scotland. The research undertaken in her academic career focused on the impact of a range of disabling conditions such as cerebral palsy, conductive hearing loss, semantic processing difficulties and photoscopic sensitivity in addition to dyslexia. She also headed a project that identified the support needs of young people with a range of disabilities, including dyslexia, in the university sector.

For the past seven years Anna-Maria was also the Head of Research at Sense, the organisation that supports children and adults who are affected by dual sensory impairment.

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