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Dr Anna Calver [Educational Psychologist]

Anna is an experienced psychologist having worked as a senior educational psychologist for many years within a Local Education Authority and as a consultant psychologist for Dyslexia Action. Anna enjoys working with both children and adults and is passionate about helping individuals identify their strengths to enable them to reach their potential and experience success.

Anna has specialist qualifications in dyslexia and autism spectrum disorder. She has supported school staff in developing dyslexia friendly approaches to teaching and has tutored adults studying for certificates and diplomas in specific learning difficulties/dyslexia. Anna has been part of an autism diagnostic service, provided psychological advice to mainstream and specialist provisions and an early intervention home based programme for young children with autism.

Anna is interested in the role of creativity as a protective factor in supporting wellbeing and mental health in young people. She has presented at conferences, delivered training courses to teachers and parents and contributed to the publication: Primary Child and Adolescent Mental Health, A Practical Guide, 2nd Ed. 2011, Quentin Spender, Radcliffe Publishing.

Anna is a Chartered Psychologist, an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and a member of the Health and Care Professionals Council.

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