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How Will Working-Memory Difficulties Affect Your Child?

How Will Working Memory Difficulties Affect Your Child

Takeaway: Working memory issues make it harder for your child to pay attention to things. And this affects how she learns, socialises, and lives her life. Although we can’t magically improve her working memory, there’s a lot we can do to help her adapt. And this can radically change her quality of life.  Read More

How Does Poor Working Memory Impact Your Child’s Life?

How Does Poor Working Memory Impact Your Childs Life

Takeaway: Working memory is the short-term storage your child uses to make sense of the world. Poor working memory will make school harder for her, might chip away at her self-esteem, and could complicate her emotional life. And over the years, these issues can snowball, causing long-term damage. But with the help of a skilled specialist, your child can learn tools and techniques to help address these challenges. Read More